item: Diamond Blade NL-Beta

Concrete NL-Beta

on request
Concrete NL-Beta

item description

Laserwelded Diamond Blade for use in concrete, concrete products and universal building & underground engineering.

The Diamond Blade is with water and without water applicable.

order number Ø mm
(Ø inch)
w x h x l (mm)
w x h x l (inch)
number of segments price (€) Enquiry
T0231633 Ø 230
(Ø 9.0)
40 x 2,4 x 10
16 on request Enquiry
T0301633 Ø 300
(Ø 11.8)
40 x 3,0 x 10
20 on request Enquiry
T0351633 Ø 350
(Ø 13.8)
40 x 3,2 x 10
(1,60 x 0,112 x 0,5)
24 on request Enquiry

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