item: Diamond Blade AKS

Cutouts Sink Units

on request
Cutouts Sink Units

item description

  • Diamond saw blade,
  • soldered segments,
  • 10mm high segments,
  • for angle-cutouts in sink units,
  • For granite & engineered stone conditioning,
  • high quality tool for perfect effectivity,
  • universal tool,
  • Made in Germany


Feed rate:           Edge quality:
Lifetime:              Flexibility:     

Range of application: 90° devices on CNC-Machines

Peripheral speed 25 - 35 m/s. Wet use only.

Please indicate centre bore and drive pin holes.
order number Ø mm
(Ø inch)
w x h x l (mm)
w x h x l (inch)
number of segments price (€) Enquiry
T021AKS Ø 210
(Ø 8.0)
20 x 3,3 x 10
22 on request Enquiry
T026AKS Ø 260
(Ø 10)
20 x 3,3 x 10
24 on request Enquiry

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